The Health Information Security Assessment, is designed to elevate the protection of patient data within your healthcare institution and instill heightened confidence among patients.

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Our cyber security service focus on security planning and strategy and developing various security architecture for businesses.

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Smart Solar Technology

Abundy Inc is in a joint venture partnership with Genoptic SolarTech Inc. that has developed its proprietary Solar Energy Capture System, which integrates Solar Harvesting, Housing, Inverter, Converter & Energy Storage System (Battery).

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Information Technology

Abundy Inc. offers professional solutions that facilitate the use of modern technology by corporate organizations and end users.

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Our Story

Abundy Inc. is a global solution provider owned by Canadians. Our organization has been involved in a number of innovative businesses with its success rooted in the understanding of customer needs and the offering of the very best in product quality. In 2015, we started our North American operations with its headquarters in Calgary, Western Canada also offering global services and transacting business with companies across the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

How we work

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