Bukola FamiloniFounder & Director

Bukola Picture

Bukola Familoni is an African-Canadian serial entrepreneur who is dedicated to providing exceptional services in oil and gas servicing, renewable energy, business development and real estate management.

Bukola is the President of Abundy Incorporated, an innovative company based in Canada that offers energy services across the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia. She has over 25 years of business experience across diverse fields starting from Abundy Gifts; a corporate gifting organisation that was launched in 1997.

After 8 years of running an extremely successful corporate gifting business with a vast clientele, Bukola launched Abundy Energy – an oil and gas servicing company retaining top clients, Shell and Chevron for over a decade. She also owns Abundy Juice, a hospitality company with 3 physical geographical locations and franchise outlets offering products that are committed to promoting the good health and wellness of all customers.

In 2015, she started Abundy Inc. and within a short time, the oil and gas servicing, renewable energy and real estate management company has exceeded expectations through the execution of sound strategic acquisitions,risk management and logistical expertise.